Clean air is critical to manage the risks presented by harmful airborne contagions.

Controlling infection risk is a recurring everyday problem for everyone involved in the healthcare industry and despite considerable efforts being made to comprehensively sterilise areas, somehow airborne contaminants still manage to get past the best defences. Based on our experience, we believe that as many as 30% of the contagions that impact outcomes are likely to have been airborne.

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Proven technology that hospitals use to manage and reduce infection rates.

Airborne pathogens persist in hospitals and other healthcare establishments for many reasons. Multiple sources are known to exist and one of the fundamental control mechanisms that is considered when looking to provide an infection resilient environment is good ventilation, however, it is also accepted that for the majority of facilities ventilation doed not meet the required standard and for a variety of reasons improving the system is simply not an option for many organisations.  

A viable solution does however exist and by introducing Airocide or MedicAir systems into the equation the number of contagions and other airborne contaminants will be significantly reduced because Airocide and MedicAir systems will safely remove these microorganisms, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew and harmful VOC’s.

This technology is proven through clinical studies completed by reliable institutions. This technology is established and has been proven in hospitals, operating theatres and other, global, ‘real world’ healthcare establishments.

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State-of-the-art hospitals have recorded astounding reductions in airborne pathogens including those resistant to other treatments after installing MedicAir and Airocide systems.

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