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Pneumatic tube solutions to transport ‘dirty’ tools from dentist to decontamination area.

DenAir helps eliminate cross contamination

We achieve this within a dental practice by supplementing infection control procedures to enable the safe and secure delivery of contaminated dental instruments to the decontamination area.

Developed in response to the Glennie report and more recently the requirements of Scottish Health Planning Note 13 part 2 and HTM01- 05. DenAir systems are fast, secure, robust and reliable solution based on technology that has been operating in hospitals for over 20 years under the terms of HTM2009 and its predecessor.

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Dentist Contamination Regulations

Dental Practices are coming under increasing pressure to examine how best to improve their surgical Decontamination processes to eliminate cross-infection. Not least is the guidance on having a separate decontamination area away from patients and public areas, to which decontaminated instruments can be moved safely and as quickly as possible…

The use of a DenAir system will help to eliminate cross contamination within Dental Practices by transporting medical instruments in a swift, safe and secure manner between surgeries and decontamination areas eliminating the need to walk instruments through public walkways and up and down stairs.

Why Use DenAir?

No transfers through public areas

No carrying trays up and down stairs

More time for Patients

More Patients

Increase Practice efficiency

HTM 01 – 05 and Scottish Health Planning Note part 2 compliant

Affordable, quick and easy to install

Proven reliability with over 20 years experience supplying to hospitals

Established UK wide network of support

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