Staff Communications Solutions

Safety of staff and freeing staff time.


A communications system developed for Department Stores, DIY and other retail operations, which allows staff to operate freely around the store according to customer demands. Helpfinder can increase staff efficiency whilst enhancing customer satisfaction.


A communications system developed for Retailers, Banks, Building Societies and other organisations where a range of specialised services is needed at the point of customer contact.

2 Way Communications

An effective, rugged, state of the art communication system based on DECT technology, giving your staff the ability to deliver improved customer service and also feel more secure with its inbuilt personal safety button.

Cashier Open Alert "Cashier number three..."

A visual and audio announcement of next available cashier or checkout position. Choice of colour led lights and plastic surrounds.

Poles & Lights

Our poles provide safe, unobtrusive delivery of electricals and other services to any point in the store.

  • Simple to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Increases Point of Sale capacity

Light Cubes

Provide highly visible information for customers. Fix to checkout, counters or service poles.

  • Checkout open/closed
  • Assistance required
  • Customer services

Display Mouldings

Made to customer’s requirements. Mounted independently or attached to service pole. Bespoke signage/displays.

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