Quarries Health And Safety

Designed for safety and security.

Health & Safety Focus

Over the years our pneumatic tube systems have assisted Aggregate suppliers and Quarry owners in implementing Health & Safety guidelines for drivers delivering and despatching aggregates from quarry sites.

Mining is a major hazard industry, hence strict Government Health & Safety legislation and policies covering transport drivers, quarry mining and the use of explosives.

Over the past few years accidents and injuries on quarry sites have been greatly reduced by removing the need for drivers to leave their vehicles.

Our Expertise

Air tube systems have become indispensable in Quarries as a means of improving H&S policy. As drivers approach quarry weighbridges, delivery or despatch documentation can be promptly sent between driver and site office without the need for the driver to leave his cab.

Supported by an intercom system the drivers can communicate directly with the site staff as well.


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